Introducing the rebel of the grain world; a grain that’s done the hard yards and is finally getting the kudos it deserves. Move over quinoa and amaranth, we have a new contender for MVP of the pantry.

It might just seem like teff is no more than yet another ancient grain popping onto the food-most-trendy list, but this little gem is no flash in the pan.

Teff brings texture and an earthy flavour to the party, but leaves the gluten at home. Use it with other flours (such as brown rice or millet), and it makes a relatively easy-to-use substitute to plain flour. We say relative because it is slightly more hard work, but with hard work comes great reward.

I recommend using a ratio of one part teff to one part millet or brown rice flour, with the addition of baking powder and bicarb where raising is required.

These poppyseed-sized grains can be added into risotto, sprinkled over salads and incorporated into schnitty coatings or fritter batters. It goes well with African, Middle Eastern and Turkish flavours (we mix it with sumac for a fantastic crunchy salad topper). Breakfast time? Try it in these banana crepes or these sweet dukkah-topped pancakes. The earthy flavour also makes it excellent for gluten-free gnocchi.

As for nutritional boasting – teff has an impressive amount of calcium, dietary fibre and protein. It’s great for circulation, digestion and general immunity, and it’s way tastier than a green juice.

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