GoodnessMe Box February 2021

Back in February, our Teff Flakes were featured in the GoodnessMe Box! If you haven’t heard of the GoodnessMe Box before, Peta and the GoodnessMe team have done an amazing job at making healthy eating simple. The GoodnessMe Box contains hand-picked, nutritionist-approved health products which are designed to take the guess work out of healthy eating. Be sure to check out this amazing Teff Falafel Lettuce Cups recipe, which was created by the GoodnessMe Box team. Our Teff Flakes are the star ingredient in these mouth watering falafels and they have been carefully designed to make your tastebuds sing all the while filling your tummy with teff wholesome goodness. Check out the link below:

Teff Falafel Lettuce Cups – Teff Tribe