The Stronger Podcast Talks Teff!

When we found out that Nadia and Jeremiah had teamed up to talk about ”Mood, Food & Gut Health”, we weren’t surprised when Teff came up in conversation.

Teff’s nutrient rich profile has a positive effect on the intestinal microbiome composition and function-meaning Teff is good for gut health and nutrition.

Nadia Coetzee is a passionate Food Technologist and Chef who focuses on gut health, healthy sustainable eating habits and hunger relief. With a Nutrition diploma under her belt and a love for gluten free baking and healthy treats, Nadia has stumbled across our Teff, and is reaping the benefits with a Teff breakfast daily!

We are so humbled that Nadia is as passionate about Teff as us, and loves to educate her clients about Teff’s amazing health benefits. Check out the Podcast below to hear Nadia talking all things Teff!

You can find Nadia’s website at Home – Root Your Health – Nadia Coetzee – Qualified Food Technologist and Chef who specialises in Gut health and Nutrition in Perth