A casual chat with a chef friend about his epic teff pancakes was the defining moment for us. The chat triggered us to find out more about this relatively unknown ‘super’ grain – and after a little experimentation of our own, we were hooked. This small grain had a big future…

Our move from the financial sector to the health food industry wasn’t exactly conventional, but living in the health-scene heartland of Bondi, we felt right at home. We jumped in with both feet and haven’t looked back since.

Not advocates of any particular diet ‘fads’, we both share a genuine passion for healthy living and subscribe to the simple philosophy of ‘more good stuff’ and less refined, overly processed foods. We believe that healthy eating shouldn’t be hard and that’s what’s so great about teff. It’s such a versatile pantry staple and a great way to supercharge your daily diet.

We also know that life is busy, and there isn’t always time to get creative in the kitchen. So we are focused on developing a range of teff products that are quick, easy and as good for you as they taste. We are lucky enough to partner with the very best nutritionists, chefs and industry experts to do just that and hope you will be part of that journey.

We love our teff and we think you will too.

Sam & Sam

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