Hi there. Let me introduce myself.

I’m Fraser McNaul. My family and I are the proud owners of Teff Tribe. Our farm is located in the Southern Riverina near the township of Wakool, NSW. It’s a nice little pocket of the world, one in which the ancient Ethiopian super-seed teff thrives.

Where it all began.

My family and I were the first commercial growers of teff in the country. The idea to grow teff here in Australia came to me when I was backpacking around the world in my mid 20s (as many good ideas do).

On this trip, I spent time exploring many different farming techniques and crops that we don’t have here in Australia, and it was clear to me that teff crops would flourish in the sunny, irrigated climate of the Murray-Darling Basin (or ‘Australia’s food bowl’ as it’s often called), which – fortunately for us – is where our farm is located.

Where to from here.

We’ve been harvesting, packaging and selling sustainably grown teff products since 2014, and we take genuine pride in being a true paddock to plate business. In six short years we’ve learnt a lot, and we’ve been so fortunate to grow a dedicated and loyal customer base from across the country.

We are excited about the future. We’re constantly expanding and revising our product line, testing and launching new recipes, stocking our products at more and more stores and restaurants across the country, all while ensuring that our annual teff crop is of the highest quality on the market.

We welcome you to join us on the journey and share in the experiences as we live our story!

Fraser McNaul and Shane McNaul
Me (on the left) and my Dad, Shane (on the right), standing in a paddock of teff.
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